Carbon Offset Credits – CEQA Mitigation
June 21, 2022
Carbon Offset Credits
May 22, 2019

Cap-And-Trade Management

AQC has taken a unique approach to assisting our clients in developing an in-depth understanding of greenhouse gas regulations, and how these rules effect their specific facility.

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Our goal is to ensure that our customers are aware of the short-and-long-term implications of the Cap-and-Trade regulations, provide allocation versus emissions models, and procurement strategies and options. Our mission is to ensure our customers can make informed business decisions.

AQC’s unique consulting services entails three key components

Proper management of the regulatory exposure will reduce liabilities, create a competitive advantage, and drive savings to our customers.

Cap-and-Trade Markets:

  • Western Climate Initiative – California and Quebec
  • Washington State Climate Commitment Act
Education and Market Intelligence
Strategic Management and Portfolio Optimization
Assistance in Procuring/Selling Allowances & Offsets

Cap-And-Trade Asset Management Process