Cap-and-Trade Management
June 21, 2022

Carbon Offset Credits

Over a decade of experience in carbon markets and have facilitated over 25,000,000 tonnes of carbon offset credit transactions. Our carbon offset clients range from Fortune 100 companies to individuals seeking to offset their carbon footprint.

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Air Quality Consultants staff is experienced in assisting our clients in sourcing carbon offsets that best meet their needs. AQC’s brokers have long term relationships with project developers, and carbon offset credit buyers and sellers. We have successfully assisted our clients in developing diversified sustainability plans, and managed the procurement of credible, high-quality offsets.

AQC represents carbon offset credits from all project types throughout the world, and pride ourselves on assisting our clients in navigating this fragmented marketplace.

Facilitating Carbon Offset Credit Transactions

AQC manages carbon offset credit transactions by providing market education, reviewing project selection considerations, and facilitating the transaction from start to finish. Transactional services include providing the purchase and sale agreement, negotiating all commercial and payment terms, managing product delivery/retirement, and financial settlement.

AQC's Sustainability Solutions Group assists clients in developing cost-effective strategies to reduce their carbon impact and demonstrate corporate responsibility
Specialize in designing, implementing, and executing sustainability offset initiatives to reach carbon neutrality and net-zero goals
AQC’s staff has over forty years of experience in providing structured solutions to carbon-intensive, energy, manufacturing, and transportation clients
AQC serves all of the world’s principal carbon markets, carbon compliance markets, and the voluntary carbon market.
AQC leverages market knowledge, risk management expertise, and a broad global network of counterparties to structure complex offset transactions and cost-effective source supply to meet these goals.
Carbon brokerage and trading is a core business for AQC, and we routinely assist clients with sourcing and selling high-quality carbon offset credits

Sustainability Program Development Process