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June 23, 2022
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SCAQMD RECLAIM Trading Credits

AQC’s has unparalleled experience in the SCAQMD RECLAIM Trading Credit Market. Our dedicated brokers understand the many compliance requirements and hand-hold our clients through this ever-changing marketplace.

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South Coast Air Quality Management RECLAIM Trading Credit Market

Each compliance entity subject to the SCAQMD RECLAIM Trading Program must hold RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs) equal to its annual emissions (quarterly and annually). Facilities that have excess RTCs credits may sell their excess compliance entities that do not have sufficient RTCs to meet their compliance requirements.

RTCs are allocated to specific facilities annually. Over the years, the RTC allocation schedule has been modified/shaved through regulatory change.   

AQC provides consulting and brokerage services to our clients to ensure their compliance requirements are met, and that any excess RTCs are bought and sold at the most opportunistic time. 

Consultation while developing a RECLAIM compliance plan
Act as a liaison with the SCAQMD staff to ensure that compliance requirements met
Educate our clients on unique transactional structures available in the market – forward purchases, cycle swaps, etc.
Provide RTCs that meet the correct cycle, zone, and vintage to satisfy compliance
Facilitate the purchase and sale of RECLAIM Trading credits

RECLAIM Trading Credit Transactional Services