Renewable Energy Credits 
June 23, 2022
June 23, 2022

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits

AQC works with our low carbon fuel producers, and compliance entities within the Low Carbon Fuel Standard markets by facilitating LCFS transactions.

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California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Market

California’s LCFS program is designed to encourage the use and production of cleaner low-carbon transportation fuels in California. The program goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

LCFS credits are generated when the carbon intensity of a fuel generated within the state creates a deficit to the standard carbon intensity of the fuel pathway. Compliance entities meets their obligation by ensuring the number of LCFS credits it earns, or otherwise acquires, from another party is equal to or greater than the deficits it has incurred.

Provide market education
Educate our clients on unique transactional structures available in the market – forward purchases, etc.
Facilitate the purchase and sale of LCFS Credits

LCFS Transactional Services