Check the range of Environmental Credit Markets that we service

AQC takes a tailored approach to each environmental credit market do business in - Our mission is to provide brokerage and consulting services to monetize and procure environmental assets to meet compliance and sustainability goals while facilitating seamless transactions.




Carbon Offset Credits

Over a decade of experience in carbon markets and have facilitated over 25,000,000 tonnes of carbon offset credit transactions. Our carbon offset clients range from Fortune 100 companies to individuals seeking to offset their carbon footprint. 

Cap-and-Trade Management

AQC has taken a unique approach to assisting our clients in developing an in-depth understanding of greenhouse gas regulations, and how these rules effect their specific facility.

Carbon Offset Credits – CEQA Mitigation

AQC provides consultation and brokerage services to navigate the ambiguous California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) greenhouse gas mitigation compliance requirements. Our expertise has supported dozens of projects by identifying, purchasing, and retiring the carbon offset credits to satisfy CEQA compliance.

Emission Reduction Credits

Taking a risk adverse approach to these complex compliance markets, AQC’s works with our clients in non-attainment air districts to reduce costs, maximize value, and facilitate seamless ERC transactions. Every Emission Reduction Credit market in the US has unique features, such as, supply/demand fundamentals, independent regulations, and transactional process.


AQC’s has unparalleled experience in the SCAQMD RECLAIM Trading Credit Market. Our dedicated brokers understand the many compliance requirements and hand-hold our clients through this ever-changing marketplace.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard

AQC’s works with our low carbon fuel producers, and compliance entities within the Low Carbon Fuel Standard markets by facilitating LCFS transactions.

Renewable Energy Credits 

Our staff works with REC buyers and sellers from large corporate to individuals seeking to fulfill compliance, corporate clean energy, and carbon neutrality goals.